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Prop-makers Design Giant Comic Book Mural For Local Business

A six-metre-long work of art by local teenagers has been unveiled.

The Gifted Young Generation prop and design team were commissioned by local business Kuflink to create a design that reflected the company’s 10 values.

The team of eight young designers, whose ages range between 13 to 18, took two months to visualise and design the artwork, creating illustrations for each of the 10 different values which range from ‘Do More With Less’ to ‘Be a Trailblazer’.

The comic-book style giant illustration features a huge octopus holding a paint pallet and brushes as it paints onto the canvass, a series of superheroes to represent team members and the company’s ethos to ‘Create a positive and reliable team’. A multi-coloured bird and a broken chain illustrate Kuflink’s motto of ‘Connect people to financial freedom’.

Jackie Coupar, Youth Work Manager at GYG said, “It’s incredible! Kuflink came to us with 10 values and wanted them to be brought to life in a modern and vibrant way. We have incredible group of young people who meet weekly, and with help of an artist, they learn new skills each week in art and design.”

After drawing the illustrations for the artwork, they worked with a professional graphic designer who converted their drawings electronically, so they could be printed in large format.

The artwork, which is hung in Kuflink’s offices and stretches 6m long and 1.5m high, was unveiled at a special celebratory evening for the young designers.

A video report of the event was created by a young person Jamal Helwig-Doris with help from media professional Huw Prosser and can be seen on Gifted Young Generation’s Instagram page.

Amy Holbourne, legal executive for Kuflink, presented each of the young people with £100 gift card each for their work. A plaque next to the work, naming the young group was also unveiled for;  Kristian Feyisetan aged 13, Evie Buck aged 16, Erykah Farrell aged 15, Ethan Hall-Osman aged 15, Beth Selvage aged 16, Stephanie Walker aged 18, Julia Nguyen aged 14, Eva Karklyte aged 13.

Gifted Young Generation is the youth programme that runs across the borough, they run more than 14 different creative workshops for young people to take part in after school, as well as running youth clubs and sports.

The design team worked with professional artist Amy West, from Swanscombe who guided their ideas and designs. The group met in Kuflink’s offices after school each Tuesday, to develop the ideas and discuss the designs with the team.

Min Binning, Director of Compliance for Kuflink spoke at length with the group asking them about how they worked together to design the illustration, their interests in life and about their ambitions for the future.

Min spoke to the group about the project, saying, “What you guys have done will connect to all of our staff. They say a picture says a thousand words and what you’ve done is represent 10,000 words. And working together you have created something incredible. I think there are other small businesses you could do this for, bringing to life their culture and values in an original way.” Min went on to offer the group his support and advice for any new ventures the members of the team take on.

The design team have also designed and made props which will feature in this Friday’s GYG showcase at the Woodville Theatre. They have created giant lollipops, and painted scenery for several scenes in the event which is designed, managed and features talented young people from Gravesham.

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